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Malaysia Resumes Live Cattle and Buffalo Imports from Australia Following LSD Concerns

In a recent development, Malaysia’s Department of Veterinary Services has announced the lifting of the ban on importing live cattle and buffaloes from Australia, effective September 6th. The decision comes after a temporary suspension of imports was put in place last month, following concerns over Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) among Australian cattle in neighboring Indonesia.

The precautionary suspension was initiated when several Australian cattle were found to be afflicted with LSD upon their arrival in Indonesia. LSD is a viral disease known for causing blisters in cattle and diminishing milk production. The disease primarily spreads through insect bites and affects cattle and buffaloes, posing no threat to humans.

Malaysia’s Ministry of Veterinary Services confirmed the decision to rescind the import suspension order after receiving a comprehensive inspection report from Australian authorities and engaging in discussions between the two nations.

This move is expected to have a positive impact on trade relations between Malaysia and Australia, particularly in the livestock sector. It demonstrates the importance of rigorous monitoring and collaboration between nations to ensure the safety and health of livestock while facilitating international trade.

The resumption of live cattle and buffalo imports from Australia is a testament to the commitment of both countries to address concerns promptly and maintain the flow of goods across borders. It underscores the significance of transparent communication and cooperation in addressing agricultural and veterinary challenges, contributing to the resilience and sustainability of global trade in livestock.

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