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Myanmar’s Border Trade Surges by 23.46% in Nearly Five Months

Myanmar’s Ministry of Commerce has unveiled impressive statistics, revealing a substantial 23.46% year-on-year surge in the country’s border trade, which amounted to over US$3.93 billion during the initial five months of fiscal year 2023-2024.

The report highlights that between April 1 and August 25 this year, exports via Myanmar’s land borders reached a substantial value of more than $2.52 billion. Simultaneously, the total worth of border imports exceeded $1.4 billion.

When combined with maritime trade, which accounted for more than $9.11 billion during the same period, Myanmar’s comprehensive foreign trade value surpassed a significant milestone, reaching a remarkable figure of over $130.5 billion.

This surge in border trade signifies Myanmar’s growing presence and resilience in the global trade arena. The nation’s strategic geographic location, coupled with its diverse range of exports, continues to position it as a significant player in the region’s trade landscape. Myanmar’s progress in border trade reflects not only its economic potential but also its ability to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in a dynamic global market. As the country advances further in its trade endeavors, it remains a key contributor to regional and global trade dynamics.

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