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Indonesia Unveils Golden Visa Program to Attract Foreign Investors, Offering 5-10 Years of Residency

In a bold move to stimulate foreign investment and boost its economy, Indonesia has announced its plans to introduce a Golden Visa program. This program will grant foreign investors the privilege of residing in the country for a duration of 5 to 10 years, depending on the extent of their investments.

The Director-General of the Immigration Department of Indonesia, in a recent statement, unveiled the comprehensive criteria for eligibility under this innovative program. To qualify for a 5-year Golden Visa, foreign investors must have made an investment of at least $350,000 in stocks of companies listed on the Indonesian stock market, possess substantial deposits or savings accounts, or hold Indonesian government bonds. For those willing to commit a larger investment of $700,000, the opportunity to secure a 10-year visa to Indonesia awaits.

Notably, the 5-year visa also opens doors for foreign investors to establish their own company in Indonesia, provided they invest a minimum of $2.5 million. Similarly, the 10-year visa option is available for investors who meet the same investment threshold. However, for those aspiring to hold positions as directors or board members of companies incorporated in Indonesia, an investment of at least $5 million is required.

Additionally, investors can qualify for a 5-year visa if their company boasts a substantial investment of $25 million. Similarly, a 10-year visa can be obtained if their company’s investment reaches an impressive $50 million, showcasing Indonesia’s commitment to attracting serious and long-term foreign investors.

One of the significant advantages of holding a Golden Visa is that holders will not be required to apply for temporary residence permits at the immigration office, streamlining the process for foreign investors and making it more appealing.

This move comes on the heels of Indonesia’s previous initiative, the Second Home Visa, which was launched last year. Targeting wealthy tourists, this program required applicants to have a minimum of 2 billion rupiahs (equivalent to $130,000) in their accounts to qualify for a long-term stay in Indonesia.

Indonesia’s Golden Visa program signals the government’s strong determination to lure foreign investors and boost economic growth by creating a favorable environment for long-term commitments. It’s a strategic move that not only attracts investment but also positions Indonesia as an attractive destination for global entrepreneurs and business leaders looking to establish themselves in Southeast Asia. With these enticing visa options, Indonesia is poised to make a significant impact on the global investment landscape.

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