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Today’s Top News Highlights from Around the World

Here is a roundup of today’s top news stories from across the globe:

1. Putin Takes Control of Wagner Mercenary Group: Russian President Vladimir Putin has assumed control of the operations of the Wagner mercenary group in Africa and the Middle East following the tragic plane crash that claimed the life of its leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin.

2. Chinese Premier to Attend ASEAN Meetings: Chinese Premier Li Qiang is set to participate in a series of key meetings, including the 26th ASEAN Summit, the 26th ASEAN Plus 3, and the 18th East Asia Summit, in Jakarta from September 5 to 8.

3. Safety Concerns Arise as Schools in England Block Unsafe Buildings: Over 150 schools in England have been ordered to block access to certain unsafe buildings, leading to dissatisfaction among parents, teachers, and government officials as the new school semester begins.

4. Philippines to Implement Nationwide Rice Price Ceiling: President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. of the Philippines has approved the proposal to establish a nationwide rice price ceiling through an executive order (EO) in response to rising concerns over the soaring retail price of rice.

5. Indonesia Threatens Punishment for Factories Neglecting Pollution Control: Indonesian President Joko Widodo has warned of punitive measures against factories that fail to install pollution control systems in an effort to combat poor air quality in the capital, Jakarta.

6. South Korea to Employ Foreign Domestic Helpers: South Korea is opening its doors to foreign domestic helpers in a bid to address the country’s persistently low fertility rate.

7. Singapore Begins Presidential Elections: Singapore has commenced voting to elect its first new president in over a decade, in a closely-watched election that tests the government’s handling of inflation and political controversies.

8. Visa and MasterCard Plan Fee Increases: Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc. are planning to raise the fees that retailers must pay when accepting credit and debit card payments from customers.

9. Bangkok Tops Climate Change City Index: According to Nestpick’s 2050 Climate Change City Index, Bangkok is projected to be the city most affected by climate change. The city’s risk score is 100, with temperatures expected to rise to 30.07 degrees Celsius by 2050.

10. China’s Quiet Influence in Key Minerals: S&P Global Ratings reveals that China has quietly expanded its influence by investing in key minerals such as lithium and cobalt, used in products shaping the future, as developed countries imposed stricter foreign investment policies.

11. Global Economy Faces Slowdown: Marie Diron, Managing Director of Global Credit Rating and Risk Supervision at Moody’s Investors Service, predicts a potential global economic slowdown due to persistently high inflation, but notes the chance of recovery still exists.

These news highlights offer a glimpse into the current events shaping regions and industries worldwide, emphasizing the global interconnectedness of today’s news landscape.

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