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WTI Crude Oil Gains $1.06 Amid Weakening Dollar as Hurricane Idalia Approaches Florida

Crude oil futures soared past the $81 mark on Tuesday, August 29, bolstered by a faltering US dollar and apprehensions about the impending impact of Hurricane Idalia on energy supplies. The weakening dollar, in conjunction with predictions of disruptions in the US energy sector due to the hurricane’s approach to Florida, spurred a rally in oil prices.

WTI Crude Futures Surge by $1.06

The price of WTI crude futures exhibited a notable increase of $1.06, equivalent to a 1.3% rise, culminating in a closing price of $81.86 per barrel. A parallel upward trajectory was observed in BRENT crude futures, which climbed by $1.07, or 1.3%, terminating the trading session at $85.49 per barrel.

Hurricane Idalia’s Impending Impact

The spotlight on the energy market was accompanied by the looming threat of Hurricane Idalia. The US National Hurricane Center (NHC) projected that Idalia would escalate into a Category 3 storm, wielding sustained winds of 111 mph (179 kph) before making landfall on Florida’s Gulf Coast in the early hours of Wednesday, August 30. Analysts, including Robert Yorker from Mizuho, anticipated that the hurricane’s trajectory could lead to disruptions in power distribution systems and fuel consumption across multiple regions, lasting until the upcoming Labor Day holiday on September 4.

Oil Industry Precautions Ahead of Hurricane Idalia

Notably, Chevron took proactive measures in anticipation of the storm’s arrival. The company evacuated its personnel from its Gulf of Mexico oil rig. However, Chevron’s oil and gas production in the Gulf of Mexico proceeded unhindered prior to Idalia’s arrival.

Dollar’s Decline Spurs Oil Investment

In conjunction with the hurricane concerns, the dollar’s ongoing weakness presented a favorable environment for crude oil contracts. As crude oil contracts are priced in dollars, the currency’s depreciation enticed investors holding alternative currencies. The dollar index, which tracks the currency’s performance against a basket of six major counterparts, registered a decline of 0.50%, touching 103.5332 recently.

Dollar’s Downturn Amidst Economic Indicators

The depreciation of the dollar stemmed from several factors, most notably a third consecutive month of declining US job openings. This trend prompted market speculations about a potential halt in the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) interest rate hikes.

Market Support from API and EIA Data

Further bolstering the market sentiment, the American Petroleum Institute (API) revealed that US crude inventories plummeted by a staggering 11.5 million barrels during the week concluding on August 25. This substantial decrease underscored the robust demand for US oil. Market participants eagerly awaited the release of official crude stock figures from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) later in the day.

As the market navigates through the intersection of a weakening dollar, the imminent Hurricane Idalia, and fluctuating oil inventory figures, industry stakeholders and investors remain poised for potential shifts in the energy landscape.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

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