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Chinese Salt Producers Advocate Against Panic Buying Amidst Japan’s Radioactive Water Release

China National Salt Industry, recognized as the world’s largest salt producer and a government enterprise, has taken a proactive stance to discourage panic-driven stockpiling of salt. This plea comes in response to the recent release of treated radioactive contaminated water from Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, a move that has raised concerns across nations.

As Japan initiated the release of treated radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean on August 24, China National Salt Industry, also known as China Salt, issued a statement urging people not to engage in panic-induced purchases of salt. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant had been devastated by a tsunami, leading to this contentious decision despite strong objections from China.

China’s opposition to Japan’s plans is rooted in concerns about the safety of the released water. China’s government has demanded evidence of the safety of the discharged water and in response, has suspended all seafood imports from Japan.

China Salt’s statement emphasized its commitment to maintaining a stable supply of salt in the market. In light of recent developments, certain regions in China have witnessed an influx of consumers seeking to hoard salt in response to concerns over the potential impact of Japan’s radioactive water release.

This surge in demand has led to empty shelves in many Chinese supermarkets, and online platforms have similarly reported salt selling out in several areas, including Beijing and Shanghai.

China Salt underscored the role of different salt sources in the Chinese populace’s consumption habits. It noted that while sea salt constitutes 10 percent of overall salt consumption, the majority of consumption is derived from salt wells. These wellsourced salts are considered to be less susceptible to contamination than sea salt.

As concerns regarding the potential repercussions of Japan’s radioactive water release continue to resonate, China Salt’s proactive stance on maintaining salt supply stability provides a countermeasure against undue panic and its subsequent effects on the local market.

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