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Thai Durian Takes the Lead in China Exports, Achieving Remarkable Speeds with 15-Hour Delivery

The Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office has revealed an impressive surge in Thai exports to China facilitated by the China-Lao PDR high-speed train. In the first five months of 2023 (January to May), Thai exports to China via this route achieved a total value of 2,848.41 million baht, marking an astonishing increase of over 260% compared to the same period in 2022.This surge in trade is primarily attributed to the growing popularity of Thai fruits in the Chinese market, with durian emerging as a star player. The utilization of the China-Laos train route has significantly slashed transportation times. Previously, the journey spanning the R3A road took approximately two days, but now, with the high-speed train, it has been compressed to a mere 15 hours. This transformative improvement in delivery times is enhancing Thailand’s capacity to export products, notably positioning the nation as a potential regional transportation hub in the times to come.

The Deputy Spokesperson also shared compelling data from the Ministry of Commerce highlighting the top 10 goods exported via the Nong Khai border crossing into China during the first five months of 2023. The list includes:

  1. Fresh durian, boasting a remarkable export value of 2,073.18 million baht, reflecting a staggering 364% increase compared to the same period in 2022.
  2. Fresh mangosteen valued at 378.65 million baht.
  3. Electric transformers and components valued at 315.21 million baht.
  4. Fresh longan with an export value of 37.40 million baht.
  5. Mineral products and other fuels, contributing 17.89 million baht.
  6. Processed pineapple, generating 11.43 million baht in exports.
  7. Fresh pomelo with an export value of 2.99 million baht.
  8. Agro-industrial products, amounting to 2.72 million baht.
  9. Fresh mango, valued at 1.79 million baht.
  10. Other fruits, with an export value of 1.52 million baht.

In an endeavor to further enhance regional connectivity, the government is advancing rail system projects linking Thailand, Laos, and China. Notably, the Thai-Chinese high-speed train project connecting Bangkok and Nong Khai is a focal point. The initial phase (Bangkok-Nakhon Ratchasima) is projected for completion in 2026, poised to augment Thailand’s rail transportation capabilities. This expansion is not only poised to facilitate smoother regional links but also to bolster Thailand’s export potential in the Chinese market, leveraging reduced transportation times. Furthermore, the nation can capitalize on existing free trade agreements to strengthen its export footprint in China.

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