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Key Economic Highlights of the Upcoming Week Across Global Markets

In the upcoming week, the global economic landscape is poised for significant developments across various economies, with pivotal releases projected to shape the financial outlook. From Asia to Europe and the United States, pivotal economic indicators and reports are set to be unveiled, providing insights into inflation, trade, production, and more.


India: The week is set to kick off with India’s scheduled release of its July inflation rate, which is expected to provide crucial insights into price dynamics within the country.

Japan: On Tuesday, Japan is anticipated to unveil its preliminary estimate of gross domestic product (GDP) for the second quarter of 2023. This report is likely to shed light on the economic performance during this period. Additionally, Japan is projected to reveal its industrial production figures for June, offering a glimpse into the nation’s manufacturing sector. The Reserve Bank of Australia is also expected to disclose the minutes of its meeting, providing context to their recent monetary policy decisions.

China: A comprehensive overview of China’s economic health is expected to be provided on Tuesday, with the projected release of key indicators including July industrial production, retail sales, unemployment, and fixed asset investment. These figures are likely to collectively indicate the momentum and stability of the Chinese economy. Indonesia is also anticipated to concurrently report its trade metrics for July, including exports, imports, and the trade balance, offering insights into the nation’s trade dynamics. India is also projected to release its export and import reports for July, contributing to a broader understanding of its trade position.

Australia: Later in the week, the anticipated release of Australia’s unemployment rate for July is expected to showcase the nation’s labor market conditions.


United Kingdom: Economic indicators from the UK are expected to be unveiled on Tuesday and Wednesday. The unemployment rate for June is projected to be reported, providing insights into the job market’s performance. Additionally, July’s inflation rate is anticipated to offer valuable data on price changes within the economy. On Friday, the UK’s retail sales figures for July are expected to be made available, contributing to the assessment of consumer spending trends.

Germany: The projected release of the ZEW Institute’s economic sentiment index for August is expected to reflect the prevailing economic outlook in Germany.

European Union: The second estimate of the European Union’s gross domestic product (GDP) for the second quarter of 2023 is anticipated to be disclosed on Wednesday, along with industrial production figures for June. Moreover, inflation data for July is expected to be released, offering insights into price trends across the Eurozone.

United States:

Monday: The week is expected to begin with the United States reporting consumer inflation expectations for July, providing a glimpse into consumer sentiment regarding price changes.

Tuesday: The United States is projected to release various economic indicators on Tuesday, including retail sales for July, the New York Fed’s Empire State Manufacturing Index for August, import and export prices for July, and the live market index from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Wednesday: The US is expected to report key indicators on Wednesday, including July housing starts and industrial production figures. Additionally, the weekly oil inventories from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) are projected to be disclosed, along with insights from the Federal Reserve’s Monetary Policy Committee (FOMC).

Thursday: The United States is expected to report weekly jobless claims, the Philadelphia Fed’s August manufacturing index, and the Conference Board’s July economic indicator, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the nation’s economic health.

As global economies continue to navigate various challenges, these projected key economic indicators and reports offer valuable insights into economic performance, aiding informed decision-making across financial markets and policy circles. The anticipated developments of the week are poised to serve as a snapshot of the broader economic landscape, allowing stakeholders to gauge trends and make strategic moves based on the data presented.

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