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Expert Anticipates Gold to Reach $2,500 Next Year as Fed Pauses Rate Hikes

Financial experts and market analysts are projecting a substantial surge in gold prices for the upcoming year, driven by a prospective halt in interest rate increases and growing concerns about a potential recession. These factors are poised to elevate gold’s status as a safe-haven asset, attracting investors seeking stability and security.

Refinitiv’s data reveals that spot gold prices soared to $2,072.5 per ounce on August 7, 2020. Industry analysts, however, anticipate that gold’s trajectory will surpass these levels, ushering in a new record high.

The Managing Director and Head of Global Commodities Strategy at TD Securities expressed confidence in gold’s ascent, stating, “I expect gold prices to rise above $2,100 by the end of 2023 and continue moving upward in early 2024. My optimism stems from the likelihood of the Federal Reserve (Fed) concluding its cycle of interest rate hikes. I am convinced that the Fed will terminate this cycle before inflation descends to the Fed’s targeted 2%.”The Federal Reserve initiated interest rate hikes in March 2022 in response to a 40-year high in inflation rates. Over a span of less than two years, interest rates were elevated to 5.25% – 5.5%.Gold has demonstrated superior performance compared to other safe-haven assets over the past year, attributed to its resilience against increasing interest rates and its status as an inflation hedge.

Additional industry experts share a favorable outlook on gold’s trajectory, with expectations of gold prices reaching $2,500 by the conclusion of 2024, representing a growth of over 26% from current levels.

The CEO of Wheaton Precious Metals expressed robust conviction, stating, “I am highly confident that gold will achieve the $2,500 mark within two years, propelled by purchasing pressures stemming from recession apprehensions. The current scenario, particularly the weakening Chinese and US economies, reinforces this perspective.

“Furthermore, the Head of Market Strategy at UOB predicts that gold’s price will achieve new records, predominantly in the latter half of 2024. This trajectory will be predominantly propelled by the anticipated cessation of the Fed’s interest rate hikes and a weakening dollar.

The enduring demand for gold among central banks globally and consumers, notably in China and India, is expected to further bolster gold prices. Amid these dynamic market forces, gold is poised to extend its reign as a valuable asset for investors seeking stability and protection against economic uncertainties.

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