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Japan’s 7-Year Low Birth Rate Reaches Record Low in 2022

Tokyo, June 2, 2023 – The Ministry of Public Health in Japan has announced today that the country’s overall fertility rate has declined for the seventh consecutive year in 2022. According to data released by Japan’s Labor and Welfare Department, the number of babies born in Japan dropped for the seventh year in a row, with the figure surpassing 800,000 for the first time. However, this still represents a significant decrease of 40,875 births compared to the previous year’s record.

The overall fertility rate has now plummeted to 1.26 births per woman, hitting its lowest level since 2005. The term “fertility rate” refers to the average number of surviving children born to women of reproductive age.

Interestingly, back in 2015, Japan experienced a slight recovery in its fertility rate, reaching 1.45 births per woman. Unfortunately, this upward trend has since reversed, leading to the current downward trajectory observed since 2016.

Analyzing the fertility rates by prefecture, Okinawa Prefecture stands out with the highest rate at 1.70 births per woman. Following closely behind are Miyazaki Prefecture at 1.63 births per woman and Tottori Prefecture at 1.60 births per woman.

On the other end of the spectrum, Tokyo has the lowest fertility rate, hitting a meager 1.04 births per woman. This is followed by Miyagi Prefecture at 1.09 births per woman and Hokkaido at 1.12 births per woman.

The continuous decline in Japan’s birth rate raises concerns about the country’s aging population and its long-term economic implications. Efforts to address this issue and encourage family planning are likely to be prioritized by policymakers and public health officials in the coming years.

As Japan faces the impact of an aging society and shrinking population, understanding the factors contributing to the declining birth rate becomes crucial for devising effective strategies and policies to reverse this concerning trend.

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