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ASUS Introduces Nvidia AI Servers to Safeguard Enterprise Data

Taipei, Taiwan – Asustek Computer Inc. (ASUS), a renowned Taiwanese technology company, has announced its plans to offer enterprise customers a groundbreaking solution that combines generative AI technology with robust data protection measures.

The upcoming offering from ASUS Tech, known as “AFS Appliance,” will consist of a hardware device designed to be installed within the premises of corporate clients. By leveraging the power of Nvidia Corp’s chips, this cutting-edge technology will enable businesses to securely manage and control their proprietary data. ASUS Tech will handle the operation and regular updates of the appliance, ensuring optimal performance and security.

One of the primary concerns surrounding services like OpenAI is their reliance on online data centers, which can potentially expose sensitive information. In response to this, ASUS Tech has developed its own large language model (LLM) called “Formosa” to power the “AFS Appliance.” This approach grants customers greater peace of mind by providing them with direct control over their data while harnessing the benefits of generative AI technology.

Peter Wu, President of ASUS Cloud and TWS, expressed the company’s commitment to offering this innovative solution at an affordable price point. Wu stated on Monday that the target price for the “AFS Appliance” will be approximately $6,000 per month. Additionally, ASUS Tech will offer a higher-spec variant of the appliance, featuring the “Nvidia DGX AI” supercomputing platform, priced at around $10,000 per month. The company aims to onboard 30 to 50 enterprise customers in Taiwan through collaborations with local telecommunications companies before expanding the service to international markets by the end of this year.

The introduction of the “AFS Appliance” represents a significant step forward in empowering enterprises to leverage generative AI technology while maintaining full control over their sensitive data. By offering an on-premises solution that combines advanced hardware and ASUS’s proprietary LLM, the company aims to address concerns around data security and privacy.

The anticipated deployment of the “AFS Appliance” underscores ASUS’s dedication to delivering innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of businesses. With its commitment to data protection and customer empowerment, ASUS is poised to make a substantial impact in the enterprise AI market. Industry observers and potential customers alike are eagerly awaiting the launch of this revolutionary offering, which promises to provide a comprehensive and secure AI solution for enterprises in Taiwan and beyond.

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