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World Today: A Summary of Today’s News

Ukraine Reports Russian Attacks, Intercepting Missiles and Drones

Ukrainian authorities have announced that Russia carried out attacks overnight in multiple areas, including Kiev, Dnipro, and the eastern region. Ukraine successfully intercepted 10 missiles and over 20 drones launched during the attacks.

Progress on US Spending Cuts and Debt Ceiling Agreement

According to Reuters, US President Joe Biden and US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy are nearing an agreement on spending cuts and raising the US government debt ceiling, which currently stands at $31.4 trillion. This development reduces the risk of a historic default on US debt.

Russia Threatens to Halt Safe Export Route from Ukrainian Ports

Russia has issued a threat not to renew the agreement that allows for a safe export route from Ukrainian Black Sea ports. The deal is set to expire on July 17 unless demands regarding Russia’s grain and fertilizer exports are met.

UAE Emerges as Major Gold Trading Center for Russia Amid Sanctions

Following Western sanctions imposed on Russia due to its aggression against Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has emerged as a significant gold trading hub for Russia. The original gold export routes of Russia have been disrupted, prompting a shift to the UAE as a primary trading partner.

Japan Plans Additional Sanctions on Russia, G7 Consensus

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary, Hirokasu Matsuno, announced that Japan will impose further sanctions on Russia following the G7 summit hosted by Japan. The G7 consensus supports increasing sanctions against Russia for its aggression against Ukraine.

Regulatory Investigation on AI Tools by Canadian Privacy Regulator

OpenAI, the parent company of ChatGPT, is under investigation by the Canadian privacy regulator. The investigation focuses on the regulatory aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) tools, reflecting the growing scrutiny surrounding AI technologies.

Neuralink Receives FDA Approval for Brain Chip Trials

Elon Musk’s Neuralink has obtained approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to conduct trials involving the implantation of computer chips in the human brain. This significant milestone marks progress for the company, which has faced obstacles in obtaining approval in the past.

JP Morgan Chase Develops AI Software for Investment Selection

JP Morgan Chase is reportedly developing AI-based software similar to ChatGPT. The software aims to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) innovations to assist in investment selection for individual customers.

North Korea Expanding IT Worker Deployments and Cyber Attacks

The latest data released by the United States and South Korea suggests that North Korea is intensifying efforts to send information technology (IT) workers overseas. Simultaneously, North Korea has been increasingly involved in cyber attacks and online crimes to fund its weapons programs. There are indications that North Korea has started to relax its strict COVID-19 lockdown measures.

Hyundai and LG Energy Solutions to Invest in US Battery Factory

Hyundai Motor Group and LG Energy Solutions (LGES) have announced a joint investment of $4.3 billion in building a battery factory for electric vehicles (EV) in the US state of Georgia.

TikTok Shop Presents Competition to Southeast Asia’s E-commerce Giants

CNBC reports that TikTok’s “TikTok Shop” is emerging as a significant threat to major e-commerce companies in Southeast Asia, including Shopee and Lazada. TikTok, a subsidiary of China’s ByteDance, is rapidly gaining prominence in the region.

American Workers Concerned about AI’s Impact on Salaries

A new survey reveals that American workers are worried about the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace, particularly regarding potential pay cuts. The survey indicates widespread concern across the country regarding the impact of AI technologies.

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