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Traffic in and out of Hong Kong soars during the Labor Day holiday

Hong Kong experienced a significant surge in the number of arrivals and departures through various ports during the first three days of the Labor Day holiday. According to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government’s Immigration Bureau, the total number of arrivals and departures exceeded 2.31 million, comprising approximately 1.08 million outbound trips and approximately 1.22 million inbound trips.

On April 29, Hong Kong served the largest number of outbound trips, with around 414,000 travelers leaving Hong Kong. On the same day, approximately 166,000 travelers from mainland China entered Hong Kong, making it the most visited day by mainland Chinese travelers during the three-day holiday.

The last day of the Labor Day holiday in Hong Kong, May 1, saw approximately 461,000 inbound traffic, comprising around 316,000 Hong Kong residents.

This year’s Labor Day holiday, which took place from April 29 to May 3, is one of the three longest holidays in mainland China, and it appears that many people took the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong during this time.

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