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World Today: Top Stories to Watch on March 30, 2023

King Charles III Postpones Visit to Germany

King Charles III was scheduled to visit Germany from March 29-31 after postponing his visit to France due to violent protests in the country. However, his visit to Germany has also been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Thai Company in Talks to Acquire Vietnam’s Largest Department Store Operator

Central Group Co., Ltd., a leader in the retail business in Thailand, is in talks to acquire a stake in Vincom Retail, Vietnam’s largest department store operator. Sources revealed that Vingroup, Vietnam’s largest conglomerate, is considering selling its stake in Vincom Retail from its current nearly 60% stake.

Russian President Putin Calls for Economic Boost

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on the Russian government to step up efforts to boost the economy. Putin warns that sanctions imposed by Western nations in the medium term could hurt the economy.

EU Removes Pakistan from High-Risk Countries List

Shehbaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan, congratulates the country on the removal of Pakistan from the European Union (EU) list of high-risk countries. The EU has removed Pakistan from its list due to the country’s action taken against money laundering and terrorist financing.

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen Visits Central America, Angers China

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen departed for a 10-day visit to allies in Central America on Wednesday (March 29). During her trip, Ms. Tsai may meet with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in New York City on her way back. However, China has warned that the meeting between Ms. Tsai and Mr. McCarthy is a serious provocation and undermines the peace of the Taiwan Strait.

Central Bank of Kenya Raises Interest Rates to Curb Inflation

The Central Bank of Kenya raised interest rates by 0.75% to 9.50% on Wednesday (March 29) to curb inflation. The Central Bank’s statements signal further tightening of monetary policy to curb inflation amid geopolitical risks and the impact on the domestic economy.

WHO Advises Each Country to Decide on Immunization Action

Hanna Nohinek, Chair of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Strategic Advisory Group on Immunization, said that each country should consider its own context in deciding whether to take action against immunization. In an update to WHO vaccine guidelines, the WHO said healthy children and adolescents may no longer need the COVID-19 vaccination as the world adjusts to living with COVID-19 permanently.

Key Economic Data to be Released Today

Today’s key economic data includes South Korea’s release of business confidence in March, the EU’s release of consumer confidence in March, and the US release of weekly jobless claims and gross domestic product (GDP) in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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