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Grocery Price Inflation in the UK Reach New High of 17.5%

On Monday (March 27), market research firm Kantar released a report stating that grocery inflation in the UK has reached a record high of 17.5% in March, creating additional financial pressure on consumers struggling with a high cost of living crisis.

The report highlighted that the fastest growing commodities in the market were eggs, milk, and cheese. As a result, UK households could potentially face an annual spending increase of £837 ($1,028) if they do not alter their purchasing behavior to reduce costs.

Fraser McKewitt, Kantar’s head of consumer and retail insights, expressed concern over the situation, noting that this was the ninth consecutive month in which grocery prices had risen significantly. “This is bad news for the people of the UK,” he said.

As inflation continues to rise, consumers are urged to be mindful of their spending habits to mitigate the impact of increased grocery prices on their household budgets.

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