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Toyota to stop selling Camry sedan in Japan, but will continue production for foreign markets

According to Nikkei Asia, Toyota Motor Corporation is planning to end sales of its popular Camry passenger car in the Japanese market. However, the company will continue to produce the model for export to other countries where it remains popular. The Camry has been an important model for Toyota, which has been producing it for 43 years.

Toyota has informed dealers in Japan that it will discontinue the production of Camry cars for domestic customers by the end of the year. Most Camry cars are manufactured in the US, China, and at the Tsusumi plant in Japan’s Aichi prefecture. While domestic sales will come to a close, Toyota will continue to focus on sales in countries where the model remains in demand.

The Camry, like the Corolla, is a global strategic vehicle for Toyota, with the name “Camry” coming from the Japanese word for “crown.” The company has sold approximately 1.3 million Camry cars in Japan since introducing the model in 1980, with retail prices ranging between 3.49 million and 4.68 million yen (approximately $26,400-$35,450 US dollars).

Data from Toyota and automotive information provider MarkLines indicate that the Camry is sold in more than 100 countries, with cumulative purchases exceeding 21 million units by the end of 2022. Toyota has stopped accepting almost all new orders for domestic sales, and the new Camry, currently under development, will be sold only in foreign markets.

While the decision to end domestic sales of the Camry may come as a surprise to some, Toyota’s move is likely a strategic business decision to focus on markets where the model has proven to be most popular. The company remains committed to producing high-quality vehicles and meeting the needs of its customers, both in Japan and around the world.

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