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Global Updates: UBS agrees to acquire Credit Suisse, Putin visits Mariupol, WHO urges China to disclose COVID-19 origins, Deloitte fined by China’s Ministry of Finance

The following are the updates on the latest happenings from around the world:

Dow Jones futures rise after UBS acquisition of Credit Suisse

Dow Jones futures rose by 138 points, or 0.43%, to 32,209 points as investors ease concerns about the crisis in the banking sector following UBS’s agreement to acquire Credit Suisse Bank. The acquisition was welcomed by the Swiss finance minister, Karin Keller-Sutter, who held a press conference to clarify the acquisition, saying that UBS’s acquisition of Credit Suisse was the best choice in this difficult situation and not surrogacy. Ms. Keller-Sutter stated that the Credit Bank Switzerland is systemically important and that if it goes bankrupt, it will cause enormous damage both for Swiss financial markets and for global financial markets.

Russian President Putin visits Mariupol

Russian President Vladimir Putin has visited the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, which has been occupied by Russia for over 10 months after it was one of the deadliest battlegrounds in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The Kremlin said that President Putin traveled to Mariupol by helicopter and drove by himself through the streets of the city to visit various locations and check the progress of the construction work to revitalize the city. He also spoke with local villagers.

WHO urges China to disclose COVID-19 origins

Deloitte fined by China’s Ministry of Finance

China’s Ministry of Finance has fined audit firm Deloitte 211.9 million yuan ($30.8 million) for failing to assess the asset quality of China Huarong Asset Management. Deloitte in Beijing will also be suspended for three months. China Hua Rong and its affiliates have been fined due to internal oversight deficiencies, failure to control risks, and severe inaccuracies in account information since 2014-2019.

These are the latest updates from around the world worth watching today.

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