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Hong Kong’s Tourist Arrivals Surpass 1 Million for the First Time in Three Years

According to a report by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Tourism Board in southern China, the number of visitors to Hong Kong in February surpassed 1 million for the first time since February 2020, reaching 1.46 million. The proportion of tourists has also grown steadily.

The report stated that the number of people visiting Hong Kong in February rose to over 1.1 million, up from just 280,000 in January. The figure rose after Hong Kong and the mainland resumed full normal travel on February 6.

Non-mainland travelers in February increased from 220,000 to 350,000, with the majority coming from Southeast Asia and making short trips.

To attract more travelers to Hong Kong, the Tourism Board is giving away 100,000 Airport Express tickets, 100,000 Tourist Day Passes, and coupons for high-speed rail tickets worth 30 yuan (about 149 baht) in the amount of 100,000 tickets.

The number of stores participating in the promotion activities of the committee will also increase from about 1,500 to about 3,000 by April.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on Hong Kong’s tourism industry, and the recent surge in visitors is a positive sign for the city’s economy. The government and tourism industry are taking measures to boost tourism and aid in the city’s recovery.

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