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GWM Plans to Launch a New Hybrid Technology Vehicle This April, Accelerating the Transformation to the Electric Age

Great Wall Motors (GWM) has announced plans to launch its first hybrid technology vehicle in April, as part of its efforts to accelerate the transformation to the electric age. By 2024, all GWM new energy vehicles will be equipped with electric four-wheel drive technology, providing users with a more powerful and environmentally friendly driving experience.

GWM is committed to developing new and intelligent energy schemes, laying out a comprehensive outline of vehicles in the industry chain, including hybrid architecture, power battery, hydrogen energy, electric drive technology, smart cabin, intelligent driving, and smart chassis.

Mu Feng, chairman of GWM, has unveiled a new brand slogan, “GWM Intelligent New Energy–more efficiency, more range and more safety”, emphasizing GWM’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge smart new energy products that meet the needs of users around the world who want to travel cleaner and safer.

To achieve this, GWM has developed a parallel development strategy using multiple architectures for the hybrid architecture, optimizing such strategies. The company has also unveiled its new and upgraded hybrid technology, Hi4, at the Smart New Energy Vehicle Day, a new hybrid system that combines hybrid and intelligent four-wheel drive for a balance between efficiency and high performance in any situation.

GWM recently held a Smart New Energy Vehicle Day event at its Technology Center in China, where the development directions and leading technology trends of GWM in the new energy automotive industry were discussed.

In the past, GWM has launched a series of new energy products around the world, including HAVAL H6 HEV/PHEV, HAVAL JOLION HEV, GWM Tank 300 HEV, WAY Coffee 01, and GWM ORA, which are smart new energy strengths.

With the launch of its new hybrid technology vehicle in April, GWM is taking another step towards its goal of accelerating the transformation to the electric age.

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