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Neta Auto sets up factory in Thailand for exporting right-hand drive EVs to ASEAN Market

Neta Auto (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has established an electric car factory in Thailand as an essential production base for the company. The factory will produce and export right-hand drive cars to the ASEAN market, according to a recent announcement by the company.

Neta Auto has signed a cooperation agreement with Bangchan General Assembly Co., Ltd. (BGAC) to jointly establish an electric vehicle assembly base. The new factory is located in the Khan Na Yao district and marks Neta Auto’s first overseas factory and the first factory of a Chinese electric vehicle start-up in Thailand.

The factory includes three main sections: welding, painting, and assembly departments, incorporating optimized designs and state-of-the-art technology based on lean and smart manufacturing concepts. Neta Auto plans to commence production by the end of January 2024.

Co-founder and CEO of Neta Auto said, “The Thailand factory will be our key base for the production and export of right-hand drive electric vehicles to ASEAN. We will start to build multiple global smart electric vehicle production bases at the same time.”

Neta Auto is among the world’s top 20 new energy passenger vehicle manufacturers by production volume in 2022, ranking first among electric vehicle start-ups based on full-year sales volume. Neta V, the first car launched by the company in Thailand, is the second-highest registered electric vehicle in Thailand.

The CEO of BGAC spoke about their expectations for this partnership, stating, “Through this cooperation, we hope to bring opportunities to people and drive the development of electric cars in Thailand.”

The move by Neta Auto to set up a factory in Thailand indicates the company’s focus on expanding its production capacity and support its globalization development, with plans to expand into more countries in the Middle East, EU, and other regions. Neta Auto aims to become a brand recognized by consumers around the world.

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