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China Continues to Hold Its Position as the World’s Largest Logistics Market for 7 Consecutive Years

According to a report released by the China Confederation of Logistics and Purchasing, China has maintained its position as the world’s largest logistics market for the seventh consecutive year in 2022. The report revealed that the total revenue of China’s logistics sector reached 12.7 trillion yuan last year. Furthermore, the social logistics sector in 2022 grew to 347.6 trillion yuan (about 1,751 trillion baht).

In 2021, China’s top 50 logistics companies had revenues of about 2 trillion yuan (about 10 trillion baht). The report emphasized that the entry of entrepreneurs with the ability to compete internationally in the market played a significant role in the growth of the logistics sector.

The federation highlighted the importance of digital transformation in China’s logistics infrastructure, including railways and ports, to enhance the country’s logistics system. The integration of resources is also essential to build a modern logistics system that will help the country’s economy sustain its growth.

The report indicated that the logistics sector’s growth in China is a testament to the country’s unwavering commitment to creating a business-friendly environment. It also demonstrates China’s ability to compete on the global stage.

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