Moderna plans to add 2,000 jobs worldwide this year

Moderna Inc. has announced its plan to create approximately 2,000 new jobs globally by the end of 2023. The expansion of the business will include the opening of new offices in California and Seattle, as well as an expansion of operations in San Francisco.

The biotechnology company is currently developing a skin cancer vaccine, as well as vaccines for influenza and other respiratory viruses using mRNA technology. If approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), these new vaccines could provide a significant source of income for Moderna, which currently relies heavily on the sale of vaccines to prevent COVID-19.

Moderna’s announcement comes as the company continues to experience significant growth. In 2021, the company’s revenue rose to $19.2 billion, up from just $60 million in 2019. Its success has been largely driven by the rapid development and deployment of its COVID-19 vaccine, which has been authorized for emergency use in many countries around the world.

The expansion of Moderna’s workforce is expected to be a significant boost to the global job market. With the company planning to hire in a wide range of positions, including research and development, manufacturing, and business operations, it is likely to attract a highly skilled and diverse workforce.

Moderna is one of several biotechnology companies that have experienced significant growth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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