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Ukraine’s Grain Harvest Plummets 37% This Year on the Effects of the Russian War

According to Ukrainian officials quoted by the Interfax news agency, Ukraine’s grain harvest is expected to decrease by 37% this year. The Ukrainian National Academy of Agricultural Sciences estimates that the country’s farmers will only harvest 34 million tonnes of grain in 2023, compared to 53.9 million tonnes in 2022. This decline is largely due to less arable land and fertilizer shortages.

Despite the decrease in grain production, the institute estimates that Ukraine’s oilseeds harvest will increase by 13% to 19.3 million tonnes in 2023. In 2022, Ukraine exported 38.4 million tons of grain and 7.9 million tons of oilseeds, according to the Ukrainian Agribusiness Association.

The protracted war between Russia and Ukraine has significantly affected Ukraine’s agricultural industry. Yesterday, Russian military forces fired Kinzhal hypersonic missiles at several parts of Ukraine, killing at least nine people. The attack hit the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, causing a temporary power outage.

Russia’s actions appear to be a challenge to the United States, which supports Ukraine. Russia plans to send a representative to the new World Bank president, after the US nominated Mr. Ajay Banga, former CEO of Mastercard, to replace David Malpass. Russia remains a voting member of the World Bank, even though the organization suspended all activities in Russia in March last year due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in late February of that year.

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