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Japan has yet to block chip exports despite continuous pressure from the United States

Japan is yet to decide on limiting exports of chip manufacturing equipment despite continuous pressure from the United States. The announcement was made by Japan’s trade minister, highlighting the efforts by US allies to find a midpoint between the US and China.

According to a letter sent by the Dutch government’s foreign trade minister to lawmakers on Wednesday, the Netherlands will suspend exports of deep ultraviolet lithography (DUV lithography) products, manufactured by ASML Holding NV, to China. The restrictions on the world’s most advanced design machines had already been put in place, as the technology is critical to the production of the world’s most advanced chips. The Netherlands is expected to release its latest export restrictions before the summer.

Last year, the administration of US President Joe Biden imposed restrictions on China’s comprehensive access to chips and chip manufacturing equipment, claiming it is necessary to do so to protect national security. In response, China accused the United States of deliberately stalling progress by trying to limit the development of their country, especially in strategic areas such as semiconductors and artificial intelligence, after pouring billions of dollars into the technology industry.

The decision on limiting exports of chip manufacturing equipment will have significant implications for the tech industry as a whole, especially as chip production has become a key battleground between the United States and China in their ongoing trade war.

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