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Hotel Stays in February Continue to Grow in Thailand, Concerns Arise About Labor Shortage Affecting Service Quality

According to the Bank of Thailand (BOT), hotel stays in Thailand continued to grow in February, with an average occupancy rate of 66%, an increase from the previous month. The rise in occupancy rates was attributed to an increase in foreign tourist arrivals, particularly from China. This has had a positive impact on hotels across most regions, except for the northern and northeastern areas, where the number of Thai tourists decreased following the end of the tourist season. The BOT predicts that the average occupancy rate for March will be around 61%.

However, 67% of hotel operators still face labor shortages, partly due to workers changing to other occupations and fierce competition between hotels. This shortage has affected the quality of service provided, which may impact the number of customers who can be accommodated if the issue is not addressed. To combat the problem, most hotel operators are adopting an adaptive approach by hiring part-time employees and increasing overtime.

The operators have proposed organizing tourist attractions and traffic to create a safe and welcoming image of the country, as well as implementing measures to attract certain groups of tourists. This includes facilitating Visa On Arrival (VOA) and streamlining the process of applying for a foreign visa.

The labor shortage is a concern for the tourism industry in Thailand, which accounts for a significant portion of the country’s GDP. As such, addressing this issue is crucial for the industry’s continued growth and success. With measures being taken to attract tourists and adapt to the labor shortage, the industry remains optimistic about the future.

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