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EU Reaches Preliminary Deal to Reduce Energy Consumption by 11.7% by 2030

Brussels – On March 10th, the Council of the European Union announced that EU negotiators and Council Presidents have reached a preliminary agreement to reduce final energy consumption in the European Union (EU) by 11.7% by the year 2030.

According to a statement released by the Council, the EU’s highest levels of final energy consumption would be equivalent to 763 million tonnes of crude oil and 993 million tonnes of primary consumption. Final energy use limits are binding for all EU member states, while initial energy targets are indicative.

The preliminary agreement is still subject to approval by the Committee of Permanent Representatives in the EU Council and the EU Parliamentary Committee responsible for energy policy. Once approved, the EU Parliament and Council can formally implement the agreement.

This new development is seen as a significant step towards achieving the EU’s energy and climate objectives for 2030, which include reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% compared to 1990 levels. The EU’s energy consumption reduction targets are part of a broader plan to move towards a more sustainable, low-carbon economy.

The reduction in energy consumption is expected to have a significant impact on the EU’s energy markets and infrastructure, including energy production and distribution, transportation, and building efficiency. While the details of the agreement have yet to be finalized, the EU’s commitment to reducing its energy consumption sends a strong signal to the international community regarding its commitment to fighting climate change.

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