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Elon Musk remains indifferent after customer yells steering wheel slips from his hand while driving

US authorities are investigating complaints that the steering wheels of some Tesla vehicles have come off while driving on the road. Despite the news, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc., has not yet addressed the issue on social media.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has received two complaints about the issue and is investigating the matter. The agency found that one of the vehicles was delivered without mounting bolts between the steering wheel and steering shaft. The NHTSA will inspect over 121,000 vehicles to assess the frequency and manufacturing process related to these conditions before deciding whether to let Tesla recall the vehicles.

One of the Tesla owners who filed the complaint, Perak Patel, said the incident occurred on January 29, just five days after he bought a Tesla. He was driving the car with family members in Woodbridge, New Jersey, when the steering wheel unexpectedly dropped off. After taking the car to a Tesla service center, Patel was offered to repair the vehicle for $103.96, but he refused and asked for a refund. Tesla has no refund policy for customers but offered Patel the option to continue using the same car or to replace it with a new one. Patel accepted the offer to replace the car.

The incident raises concerns about Tesla’s quality control, but so far, Elon Musk has remained indifferent and has not commented on the issue on social media, which he has used frequently in the past to express his opinions on various matters.

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