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China Overhauls Its Technology Sector in Response to US Sanctions

In a major overhaul of its technology sector, China has extended power to key ministries and set up a new office to take care of important information in response to increasing sanctions from the United States. This move is part of a larger mission to overhaul government agencies and strengthen the power of President Xi Jinping.

China is currently battling the United States in sectors ranging from artificial intelligence (AI) to semiconductor chips. The new measures are aimed at helping China better catch up with its geopolitical rivals in cutting-edge technology and reducing its dependence on US technology.

According to the Cabinet’s reform plan submitted to the National People’s Congress, China will set up a national office to control and protect information resources, while expanding the role of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology in coordinating nationwide initiatives and strategic policy formulation.

The new office will give China greater control over key data collected by the country’s economy, including the internet industry. The Chinese government seeks to curb the power of its fast-growing private sector by controlling the vast amounts of data it produces in the country.

President Xi has been pushing for faster developments in the science sector to help China become self-sufficient in the semiconductor chip sector and advanced technology. While the US has increased pressure on China by imposing sanctions and trade restrictions, President Xi has given the Communist Party of China greater control over the country’s science and technology agenda.

These measures pave the way for the appointment of more competent auditors to come and help fight the United States in the technology war. With this overhaul of its technology sector, China is positioning itself to become a major player in cutting-edge technology and reduce its dependence on the United States.

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