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China experiences record high temperatures, over 10 degrees Celsius above normal

More than 10 major cities in China have experienced record high temperatures this week, with Wuhan and Zhengzhou in the middle of the country recording temperatures more than 10 degrees Celsius higher than normal compared to the average.

On Monday, Wuhan recorded a temperature of 26 degrees Celsius, 12 degrees Celsius above the long-term average temperature of early March. Meanwhile, Beijing and surrounding cities hit temperatures of 22-25C earlier this week.

China has been experiencing extreme heat for several months now. In the last year, 267 weather stations recorded temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius during the 70-day dry season, a record high. This has caused forest fires and damage to crops, affecting the entire Yangtze River Basin.

In addition, the Yunnan Province in southwestern China, which is the location of an important hydroelectric power plant, is experiencing a drought that could last until April. The average rainfall in the region has been less than normal by more than 60% since November 2022.

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