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Weekly World Economic Calendar: Key Economic Reports from Around the Globe

As the world continues to grapple with the economic impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, countries around the globe are closely monitoring key economic indicators. Here are the major economic reports that are expected to be released this week:

South Korea will report its gross domestic product (GDP) for the fourth quarter of 2022, with the final estimate set to be announced on a Tuesday. Australia will release its imports, exports, and trade balance report for January, as well as retail sales in January. Additionally, the Reserve Bank of Australia will meet to discuss monetary policy and will announce its interest rate resolutions. China will also report its imports, exports, and trade balance for January-February.

On a Wednesday, Japan will release its current account balance for January.

On Thursday, China will release the February Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the February Producer Price Index (PPI).

On Friday, South Korea will report the current account balance for January, while Japan will report household spending in January and the producer price index (PPI) in February. The Bank of Japan (BOJ) will also hold its monetary policy meeting and will announce its interest rate decision. India will report its industrial production for January.

This week in Europe, the UK is expected to release its Halifax House Price Index report for February soon.

On Wednesday, Germany is scheduled to report its January industrial production and January retail sales.

On Friday, we are waiting for the release of Germany’s February inflation report, as well as the UK’s gross domestic product (GDP) for January and industrial production for January. France will release its trade balance report for January.

This week in the United States, wholesale inventory inventories for January are expected to be reported today.

On Wednesday, we are waiting for the release of private sector payrolls for February from ADP, as well as imports, exports, and trade balance for January, job openings, and labor turnover (JOLTS) for January. Additionally, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) will release weekly oil stocks.

On Thursday, we are waiting for the US to report the number of weekly jobless claims.

Finally, on Friday, we are expecting the US to report non-agricultural employment figures for February.

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