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Tesla Cuts Prices on Most Expensive Car Models in US to Boost Sales

Tesla, the leading electric car manufacturer, has announced a price cut for two of its most expensive electric vehicles in the United States. The move comes after Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, stated that previous price reductions helped boost demand for the company’s vehicles.

This is the fifth time this year that Tesla has implemented such a sale, with the price of both the Model S and Model X being reduced by 4-9%.

According to Tesla’s website, the price of both Model S models has been reduced by $5,000. The Model S Basic has dropped by 5% to $89,990, while the Model S Plaid has reduced by 4% to $109,990.

Additionally, both Model X models have been discounted by $10,000. The Model X Basic has reduced by 9% to $99,990, and the Model X Plaid has reduced by 8% to $109,990.

Elon Musk has reiterated several times in recent months that Tesla will prioritize cutting prices to boost demand, and the company successfully increased orders when it announced a global sale in January.

“The demand for Tesla cars is very high, but the hurdle is the ability to pay for Tesla cars,” said Musk last week during Tesla’s Investor Day event.

In conclusion, Tesla’s latest move to cut prices on its most expensive car models in the US is aimed at increasing sales. The company hopes that this price reduction, its fifth this year, will boost demand for its electric vehicles, making them more accessible to customers.

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