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Survey Shows UK Manufacturers Turning to Domestic Suppliers Amid Rising Costs and Brexit Uncertainty

A survey conducted by Make UK, the main trade body for British manufacturers, has revealed that UK manufacturers are increasingly turning to domestic suppliers due to skyrocketing energy and transportation costs and European Union (EU) companies being cautious about doing business across the English Channel after Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit).

The survey found that 40% of UK manufacturers had turned to domestic suppliers last year due to the increasing cost of imports, and a similar proportion, around 40%, plan to do so in the next 12 months. The rising cost is cited as the main factor behind this trend.

Furthermore, nearly half of the companies surveyed indicated that EU suppliers are now more cautious about Britain, citing post-Brexit trade and regulatory tensions, as well as competition between economic powers, including the EU.

The chief executive of Make UK, Stephen Phipson, has called for measures to address the damage done to Britain’s reputation caused by political turmoil since the 2016 Brexit vote. He also urged the government to work closely with industry to ensure that the UK continues to attract investment and foster innovation.

The survey’s findings come amid ongoing uncertainty surrounding the UK’s future trade relationship with the EU and the wider world. As such, it highlights the need for UK manufacturers to consider alternative sources of supply and calls for the government to provide support to help them do so.

Overall, the survey suggests that the rising costs and Brexit uncertainty are having a significant impact on UK manufacturers and their supply chains. However, it also presents an opportunity for domestic suppliers to step up and support the country’s manufacturing industry in these challenging times.

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