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US Bans Additional Exports to Chinese Companies Claimed to be a Threat to Security

The US has imposed restrictions on exports to several Chinese companies, including Inspur Group and BGI Research, citing activities that contradict the country’s national security and foreign policy interests. Inspur Group is a state-affiliated computer server manufacturer that has benefited from constructing data centers across the country, while BGI Research is a genetic research company.

The U.S. Department of Commerce has added these companies to its Entity List for their attempts to import U.S. goods to support the modernization efforts of the Chinese military, including backing the Russian army. Additionally, Long Sun (Loongson), a Chinese CPU manufacturer, and 4Paradigm Technology, an AI unicorn, have also been banned from exporting to the US.

Moreover, the US government has included Chinese entities such as the National Research Center for Engineering and Parallel Computing Technology and the Wuxi Institute of Advanced Technology on its blacklist. The US companies are now prohibited from exporting to these companies without prior government approval. Specific concerns have been cited for these companies, including supporting the modernization of the Chinese army and participating in missile programs.

These restrictions come amid rising tensions between the US and China. The Biden administration has expressed its commitment to prioritizing national security while continuing to engage with China on areas of mutual interest. The move is seen as an attempt to curb China’s military expansion and protect the US’s technological edge.

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