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US trade deficit widens to $91.5 billion in January

The United States saw its trade deficit widen in January, according to a report by the Commerce Department. The report revealed that the US trade deficit rose by 2.0% to reach $91.5 billion in January, up from $89.7 billion in December 2022.

The report also indicated that imports rose by 3.4% to $265.3 billion, while exports rose by 4.2% to $173.8 billion. The increase in imports can be attributed to the growing demand for goods, including medical supplies and consumer goods, while the rise in exports was driven by higher shipments of industrial supplies and materials.

The widening trade deficit was expected, as the US economy continued to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to increased consumer spending and business investment. However, the latest data indicates that the trade deficit may continue to increase in the coming months.

The US trade deficit has been a concern for policymakers, as it reflects the country’s dependence on foreign goods and the impact of the pandemic on global trade. The US government has been working to reduce the deficit through a combination of measures, including trade negotiations, tariff adjustments, and investment in domestic manufacturing.

The widening trade deficit may put pressure on the Biden administration to take more action to address the issue and promote economic growth. The Commerce Department is set to release the February trade deficit report in the coming weeks, which will provide further insight into the state of the US economy.

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