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Malaysia Green Light to Import Electric Vehicles from Tesla, Install Battery Charging Network

The Malaysian trade ministry has announced that it has approved Tesla’s request to import electric vehicles (EVs) into the country. The statement on Tuesday (March 1) stated that Tesla will also establish its headquarters in Malaysia and launch a service center. Additionally, the company will install a supercharger network, which is Tesla’s electric vehicle charging station.

Malaysia is aiming to develop its electric vehicle ecosystem and intends to build at least 10,000 public charging stations by 2025. The decision to allow Tesla to import EVs and establish a charging network is a significant step towards achieving this goal.

The trade minister of Malaysia had previously stated that the country aims to have electric and hybrid cars accounting for 15% of the total automotive industry volume by 2030. Tesla’s entry into the Malaysian market is expected to further boost the adoption of electric vehicles in the country.

The Malaysian government has been implementing various measures to encourage the adoption of EVs, including offering tax exemptions on electric cars and waiving import duties on hybrid cars. The approval of Tesla’s request to import EVs and establish a charging network is expected to attract more investors and companies in the electric vehicle industry to Malaysia.

The development of the electric vehicle industry is not only essential for Malaysia to achieve its climate targets but also presents a significant economic opportunity for the country. The expansion of the industry will create job opportunities and attract foreign investments while reducing the country’s dependence on fossil fuels.

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