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Global Chip Supply Chain Issues: US Holds Meetings with Three Asian Allies

The United States, along with three of its Asian allies, including South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, held a virtual meeting on February 16 to discuss the issues in the global chip supply chain. The purpose of the meeting was to develop an early warning system to ensure that the chip supply is sufficient to meet the global demand.

During the meeting, the four countries discussed the concerns about export control. Taiwan offered all four nations to exchange information about different sectors of the supply chain as soon as possible. Taiwan and South Korea are focused on production, while Japan focuses on materials. Meanwhile, the United States plays a key role in the market.

Taiwan and South Korea reported that the talks had taken place, citing news sources that included officials involved in the matter.

The meeting was held as part of the US President Joe Biden’s administration’s efforts to seek assistance from global allies in imposing advanced controls on the sale of chip components to China. This policy aims to prevent China’s advances in cutting-edge technology that could threaten the United States’ standing as a global power.

The virtual conference on the early warning system was designed to help the United States and its allies coordinate their efforts to ensure an adequate supply of semiconductors, a key component of many modern technologies, ranging from smartphones to automobiles. The global shortage of chips has disrupted several industries and affected the production of a wide range of products. The outcome of the meeting could have a significant impact on the global supply chain of semiconductors.

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