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Amazon Reports Strong Q4/2022 Revenue, but Cautious Q1/2023 Forecast

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, reported higher-than-expected revenue for the fourth quarter of 2022, with $149.2 billion in revenue, beating Refinitiv analyst estimates of $145.42 billion. Despite this strong performance, Amazon’s stock price saw some fluctuation in after-hours trading on the New York Stock Exchange, as the company forecasted a more cautious revenue growth of 4-8% for the first quarter of 2023, with a revenue range of $121-$126 billion, compared to analysts’ estimates of $125.1 billion.

In addition to its overall revenue, Amazon also provided insight into its various business segments. The company’s Amazon Web Services business reported revenue of $21.4 billion, falling slightly short of analyst estimates of $21.87 billion. Meanwhile, Amazon’s online store sales saw a 2% decrease, while its advertising revenue exceeded estimates, reaching $11.56 billion.

Overall, Amazon’s strong Q4/2022 performance, combined with its cautious outlook for Q1/2023, highlights the company’s continued growth and dominance in the e-commerce industry, despite facing a challenging economic environment.

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