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Indonesia Targets 500 Million Tonnes of Coal Exports by 2023

Indonesia aims to achieve its highest level of coal exports to foreign countries in history by 2023, according to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources. The country plans to produce 695 million tonnes of coal this year, with a target export of 518 million tonnes.

Despite facing production suspensions and heavy rain affecting operations, Indonesia exceeded its coal production target of 663 million tonnes in 2022, producing 687 million tonnes and exporting a total of 494 million tonnes.

According to export data, Indonesia’s exports to India, South Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines picked up in 2022, while exports to China, the largest market, shrank. Exports to India, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand also increased compared to the previous year.

With the war in Ukraine causing supply disruptions, coal prices are expected to continue to rise in 2023, following a record high in 2022.

Indonesia’s goal to reach 500 million tonnes of coal exports by 2023 demonstrates the country’s commitment to boosting its coal industry.

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