Malaysia Facing Acute Egg Shortage, Turns to India for Imports

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – In the face of an acute egg shortage, Malaysia is turning to India for imports as feed prices soar and small farmers cut production rates. India is set to export a record 50 million eggs this month, with Malaysia as the main buyer.

Middle Eastern countries such as Oman and Qatar are typically the main buyers of India’s eggs, but in recent months, egg production houses in India have received a surprising amount of orders from several quarters due to reduced productivity of the world’s major egg producers. The most unexpected order came from Malaysia, a country that used to export eggs to Singapore and other Asian countries.

Minister of Agriculture and Food Security of Malaysia, traveled to Namakkal in Tamil Nadu, South India to ensure Malaysia has enough eggs as prices soar to record levels. Namakkal houses a large number of hatcheries.

“For the first time, Malaysia has bought so many eggs from India. And it looks like Indian egg exports to Malaysia will remain stable in the first half of 2023,” said Poni Farm, Co-managing director of Poni Farm in Namakkal, one of India’s leading egg exporters.

In December 2022, India exported 5 million eggs to Malaysia and plans to export another 10 million eggs in January and may deliver up to 15 million eggs in February.

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