Crypto Market Sees Positive Growth as Ether and Other Tokens Rise, Market Cap Surpasses $1 Trillion for the First Time in Months

On Saturday, January 14th, Bitcoin saw significant growth, rising above $21,000. Experts believe that this could be a sign of Bitcoin reaching its bottom and inflation reaching its peak. The cryptocurrency experienced a 7.5% increase to $21,299 and has not been above $20,000 since November 8th.

Additionally, Bitcoin has been on an upward trend for 11 consecutive days. As of January 16th, the price of Bitcoin is still at $21,331.40.

On the cryptocurrency market, Ether saw a significant increase in value, rising by as much as 9.7%. Other tokens, such as DogeCoin, also experienced substantial growth. This upward trend in the market is reflected in the overall crypto market cap, which reached above $1 trillion for the first time since early November.

While Bitcoin had been trading in a relatively narrow range of around $16,000-17,000 for several weeks, it broke through that range, potentially indicating a bullish sentiment among investors. This is further supported by the recent fall in the US Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the news of FTX (FTX) liquidator recovering $5 billion in liquid assets.

This suggests that market participants are optimistic about the current state of the crypto market and are positioning themselves accordingly, in anticipation of the Federal Reserve meeting later this month. The market is likely to be influenced by any announcements made by the Fed regarding monetary policy and interest rates, which could impact the demand for cryptocurrencies.

The Spot Market is Open

Monday, January 16, 2023

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12.20 BTC21,176.51+451.08+2.18
12.20 ETH1,573.63+40.36+2.63
12.20 LTC87.97+0.31+0.35
12.20 BNB306.57+7.29+2.44
12.20 XRP0.40+0.02+4.85
12.20 ADA0.36+0.02+4.83
12.20 DOT6.01+0.09+1.45
12.20 UNI6.65+0.12+1.87
12.20 LINK6.85+0.11+1.68

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