China to launch 5G cruise ships this year

On Thursday (Jan. 12), Adora Cruises, the Chinese cruise brand of CSSC Carnival Cruise Shipping, a consortium of China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), and U.S.-based Carnival Corporation announced a partnership with Chinese telecommunications giant China Telecom to bring 5G connectivity to the first major cruise ship built in China.

The report states that the cruise ship will be equipped with advanced wireless communications technology Wi-Fi6 and the 5G mobile network, which will allow passengers on board to use the network as if they were on land. The consortium’s CEO expressed the expectation that they will be able to set a new standard for digital communications in the maritime travel sector by taking advantage of the cruise industry’s first entry into the 5G market.

Officials from China Telecom’s Shanghai branch said the company will focus on network communications, high-definition digital services, augmented reality/virtual reality and other content services to further enhance the user experience and jointly promote the development of a high-quality tourism economy.

Construction of the brand’s first cruise ship has been completed and is expected to enter service in 2023 with a total weight of 135,500 tons, a total of 2,125 cabins and a total capacity of 5,246 passengers.

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