Consumer confidence index in Thailand rose to highest level in 25 months in December 2022

The Center for Economic and Business Forecasting at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce announced that the consumer confidence index in December 2022 was 49.7, rising for the seventh consecutive month and reaching the highest level in 25 months.

The confidence index related to the Thai economy as a whole was 43.9, the confidence index related to employment opportunities was 47.0, and the confidence index related to future income was 58.1.

Positive factors included domestic retail sales, stable oil prices compared to the previous month, and an increase in the number of tourists following the opening of the country. This led to an increase in domestic money circulation and economic activity, the Thai stock market index rose, and the price of many agricultural products increased or remained stable at a good level. As a result, farmers began to earn higher incomes and the baht appreciated slightly due to foreign money inflows.

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