Largest Danish energy company return to fossil fuels to prepare for winter

Orsted, the Danish energy company, plans to resume operations at its fossil fuel-fired power plants on the instructions of Danish authorities as governments across Europe prepare for winter in the face of an electricity supply crisis.

As Orsted announced last weekend, the company decided to take this step to ensure the stability of electricity supply in Denmark. The Danish government is Orsted‘s largest shareholder.

“The Danish authorities have ordered us to continue and resume operations in oil and coal-fired power stations to ensure the stability of the electricity supply,” said Orsted Chief Executive Mads Nipper.

The arrangement applies to Unit 3 of the Esbjerg Power Plant and Unit 4 of the Studsturp Power Plant, both of which use coal as their primary fuel source, as well as Unit 21 of the Electricity by Peak Load Plant, which uses oil as its fuel.

The Esbjerg power plant is scheduled to close on March 31, 2023, while the other two power plants have already been decommissioned.

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