Russia exports $158 billion worth of energy since the war

Russia exported 158 billion euros ($158 billion) worth of energy in the six months following its invasion of Ukraine, with the EU accounting for more than half.

The Energy and Clean Air Research Center calls for more effective sanctions against Moscow. With the invasion, prices for oil, gas and coal skyrocketed.

Recently, natural gas prices in Europe have risen to record levels as Russia has cut off supplies.

CREA estimates that the EU is the largest importer of fossil fuels during this period at €85.1 billion, followed by China at €34.9 billion and Turkey at €10.7 billion.

The EU has stopped buying Russian coal, it has gradually banned Russian oil and imposed no restrictions on natural gas imports.

According to CREA, the EU ban on Russian coal imports came into effect after Russian coal exports fell to their lowest level since the start of the war.

G7 nations pledged Friday to work urgently to cap Russian crude oil prices. This step would deprive Russia of most of its revenue from oil exports.

The U.S. has been arguing about price caps for months. They claim that the ban on Russian energy products from the West has contributed to price increases that have helped Moscow finance the war.

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