Gazprom begins to reduce gas supplies to France

French utility Engie said Russian energy giant Gazprom will cut its gas supplies from Aug. 30 due to disagreements over some contracts, indicating that energy supplies in Europe are becoming increasingly problematic.

The announcement came after the French prime minister yesterday called on companies to reduce energy consumption. Otherwise, there will be energy restrictions in the winter if Russia stops gas supplies.

“As previously announced Engie has received gas in quantities that are in line with its commitments to its customers and its requirements. At the same time, a variety of measures are being taken to reduce the direct financial and physical impacts that may be caused by the Gazprom suspension,” Engie said in a statement.

Gazprom has already cut gas supplies to Engie since the start of the war in Ukraine. Monthly deliveries most recently amounted to about 1.5 terawatt hours compared with the total annual supply of natural gas in Europe of more than 400 terawatt hours.

Gazprom also plans to suspend gas deliveries through the Nordstream pipeline to Germany for three days of maintenance starting Aug. 31.

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