India is well on its way to becoming the global center for electric vehicles

The Indian prime minister said that India is becoming a center for two- and four-wheeled electric vehicles, and the country is experiencing a “quiet revolution” because these types of vehicles do not make noise when driven.

According to the Japanese car manufacturer Suzuki, the Indian market for electric vehicles is expanding rapidly. This is a phenomenon that was not expected just a few years ago.

Suzuki is about to start up a new electric vehicle battery plant in western Gujarat and begin construction of a new Suzuki plant in northern Haryana.

The silent revolution is not only taking place in engineering but in India as a whole, which has laid the foundation for such a revolution in the last eight years.

India is active on both the demand and supply sides of electric vehicles. The government has provided incentives to electric vehicle buyers to increase demand. These include income tax incentives that facilitate car loans.

Gujarat is emerging as India’s leading automotive manufacturing center in the world.

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