Thai exports up 4.3% in July and 11.5% in the first 7 months

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce announced that Thai exports reached $23,629.3 million in July 2022, up 4.3% from July 2021, with the market forecast at 10.7-11%. In the first seven months of this year, exports increased by 11.5% to $172,814.1 million.

July 2022 imports were worth $27,289.8 million, up 23.9% from July 2021, bringing the value of imports in the first seven months to $182,730.4 million, up 21.4%.

While the trade balance in July 2022 showed a deficit of $3,660.5 million, the deficit in the first 7 months of this year totaled $9,916.3 million, due to rising prices of energy products.

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