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China’s coal imports rise 24% in July, ready for summer electricity consumption

The China Customs Administration (GAC) said China’s coal imports rose about 24% in July from June, near the highest level this year, as power plants buy more coal to meet summer demand.

According to GAC, China imported a total of 23.52 million tons of coal in July, up from 18.98 million tons in June but down 22% from July last year.

In the first 7 months of this year, China imported 138.52 tons of coal, 18% less than the same period last year.

The Chinese government has not committed to any power allocation this year and has asked coal-fired power plants, which generate about 60% of China’s electricity, to increase their coal stockpiles.

Refinitiv data show that China’s imports of Russian coal reached a record 7.38 million tons in July.

However, analysts expect demand for coal to decline as the heat in China eases. Meanwhile, industry activity remains sluggish due to COVID-19 containment measures.

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