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Asian stock markets closed volatile Tuesday as investors keep an eye on U.S. inflation

Tokyo’s Nikkei closed down 249.28, or -0.88%, at 27,999.96 points as investors sold Japanese technology stocks after several companies in the group reported weak results yesterday. Japan Steel Works (-9.17%), Tokyo Electron (-8.25%), and Softbank Group Corp (-7.02%) were the worst performers. The best performers were Trend Micro Inc.+13.49%, Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding+9.21%, and Nissan Chemical. Industries+7.03%.

In Australia, the S&P/ASX 200 closed at 7,029.80, up 9.20 or +0.13%, and the All Ordinaries closed at 7,278.60, up 19.10 or +0.26%, as investors slowed trading ahead of U.S. inflation data released tomorrow. The top gainers were Megaport Ltd+10.02%, Domain Australia+8.97%, and Rea Group+6.69%. Losers were Mesoblast-6.99%, National Australia Bank-2.93%, and APA Group-1.88%.

China’s Shanghai Composite closed at 3,247.43, up 10.50 or +0.32%, supported by orders for energy stocks and the renewable energy group. The top gainers were Beijing JIAYU Door Window Curtain(+20.10%), China Chippacking Technology(+20.01%), and Kinco Automation Shanghai Co(+20%). Losers are Shanghai Huahong Jitong Smart System-16.09%, Lifecomes Biochemistry-10. %, and Shanghai Tongda Venture Capital-9.59%.

The South Korean Stock Exchange Composite (KOSPI) closed at 2,503.46, up 10.36 or +0.42%, as investors awaited US inflation data to be released tomorrow. The won currency gained against the US dollar. Daidong Elec (+29.65%), Union Materials (+15.95%), and Cho Kwang Pain (+10.13%) were the best performers. The worst performers were Hyundai Energy-9.90%, Seong An-9.28%, and Hanchang-8.37%.

Hong Kong’s Hang Seng stock market closed at 20,003.44, down 42.33 or -0.21%, as investors slowed trading to await the release of US inflation data on Wednesday. Legend Strategy Intl(-23.53%), Jia Group Holdings(-19.23%) and Gemini Investments(-17.74%) were the worst performers. The best performers were Keen Ocean Intl (+62.71%), DreamEast (+55.56%), and Good Fellow Healthcare Holdings (+43.75%).

In Thailand, the SET closed at 1,618.80 points, up 9.93 points or +0.62%. The winners were AQ Estate (+50%), Indara Insurance (+29.76%), and Nam Sin Insurance (+21.57%). The losers were Metro Systems Corporation -7.83%, S. Pack and Print -7.66%, and Jasmine Telecom Systems -6.94%.

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