Bitcoin falls more than 1% to hover at $22,705.9 – Bitkub postpones Bigo update

The bitcoin price fell 1.99% today (July 23) to $22,693.86.

Bitcoin’s downward movement this morning came after the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 137 points on Friday (July 22), after rising more than 100 points in the previous session.

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 137.61 points or 0.43% to close at 31,899.29 points.
  • The S&P 500 fell 0.93% to close at 3,961.63 points.
  • The Nasdaq fell 1.87% to close at 11,834.11 points.

Digital asset trading platform Bitkub announces a temporary suspension of withdrawals for more than 7 hours for BCH, BTC, and XRP from August 6 to 7.

Bitkub has postponed the schedule for the temporary closure of the BCH – BTC – LTC – XRP withdrawal system from July 22-23 to August 6-7. The temporary closure serves to improve the system of the provider of digital asset storage services (Bitgo) in accordance with the normal operating cycle returned. The company promises that the company’s business will run normally and the company will continue to offer deposits and withdrawals of all types of assets as usual under the supervision of the company’s policy.

The Spot Market is Open

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Updated at


11.30 BTC22,763.01-787.73-3.34
11.30 ETH1,567.88-50.76-3.14
11.30 LTC56.49-2.10-3.58
11.30 BNB266.02-2.24-0.84
11.30 XRP0.36-0.01-1.75
11.30 ADA0.49-0.01-2.39
11.30 DOT7.38-0.32-4.18
11.30 DOGE0.07-0.00-2.58
11.30 UNI6.99-0.32-4.39
11.30 LINK6.91-0.24-3.38

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